Optical Titanium


Artikelnummer: 40113-302


Variant: silver polished

Lens 48 mm / Nose 21 mm / Temple 140 mm

Material: Titanium
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Nothing is stronger. Stronger than you when you feel that way. We give you strength cast in titanium. Every COBLENS designer pair of glasses is made of titanium in detail or as a whole and is sustainably designed for extreme durability. This tradition has made us one of the leading manufacturers of first-class titanium eyewear. When selecting and manufacturing our titanium components, we are uncompromising. They are extraordinarily light, highly elastic and at the same time extremely durable. Our Titan can also look like champagne. With exclusive PVD titanium coatings, we can display a wide variety of colors without having to paint the glasses. They are highly scratch-resistant, corrosion-resistant and, of course, suitable for allergy sufferers.

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